Adaptive Radiography with Trauma, Image Critique and Critical Thinking, 1st edition

In April of 2011 I met up with an old colleague of mine, Quinn Carroll, whom I hadn’t seen in many years. The reason he seemed to have vanished was he had retired from teaching and had just written 2 books. One was a physics textbook called “Radiography in the Digital Age” and the other was “Adaptive Radiography with Trauma, Image Critique and Critical Thinking”.

He was finished with the physics book, but had been told by the publisher that for the Adaptive Radiography book he needed at least 25% more information. As fate would have it, I met him a week after he got this news and he immediately asked if I wanted to coauthor the book with him. Needless to say I did, and for the next year we wrote, reviewed and finally finished writing our book.

For years I have given a talk called “100+ Positioning Tricks of the Trade” that has every tip I know from my 35 years of being a radiographer. Almost all of them are in our book.

We wrote this book not only for students, but also every radiographer. I know it will be a wonderful addition to every department as a wonderful reference book. Our goal with all of the positioning views and concepts was this: If it’s in Bontrager or Merrill’s, it won’t be in our book because it’s not adaptive radiography, it’s just standard radiography. Our book will be for all the patient’s who are unable to perform the usual positions because of trauma or sickness and you need to think outside the box.

The textbook is scheduled to be available in early May, 2013. It was co-written by Quinn Carroll and Dennis Bowman and is being published by Delmar/Cengage Learning.