Adaptive Radiography: Tips and Tricks

Course Description

This one (1) CEU course was created by taking different sections and chapters of the textbook Dennis co-authored with Quinn Carroll titled, “Adaptive Radiography with Trauma, Image Critique and Critical Thinking”. The objective of the textbook was to include only positioning ideas that are not discussed in Merrill’s or Bontrager. The goal is to show what needs to be done when a patient cannot be positioned in the normal manner, causing the radiographer to adapt.

Whether you are an experienced radiographer or a student, there are always new ways to do any given study. For this presentation, we chose some of our favorite case studies, images, and tips and tricks – the ones we knew would be helpful for everyone.

Lesson Order And Times

  1. Tips and Tricks Intro – Great! … 1:15
  2. The Double Ping Pong Experiment – Excellent! … 9:52
  3. PA Anterior Ribs – Beautiful, esp. the red markings! … 12:02
  4. Sternum … 5:18
  5. How much does a scapula move? … 5:08
  6. Long PA Wrist … 2:59
  7. The ASIS The Universal Landmark … 1:35
  8. The Ferlic Filter … 2:46
  9. PCXR … 6:01
  10. The Vanderswaan Method for AP Chests … 2:27
  11. Re-centering CR when angling cephalad or caudad … 4:59
  12. Clements-Nakayama Method … 3:59
  13. Total Time … 58.35