Mastering the Art of Digital Radiography: Labs, Exercises and Explanations

Welcome to “Mastering Digital Radiography: Labs, Experiments and Explanations, Third Edition”. It is 4 hours and 18 minutes long and includes 39 lessons which range in length from just under 2 minutes to just under 16 minutes.   It was originally created with educators and students in mind, but is really perfect for any radiographer who’s interested in the latest information about using digital equipment.

The Third Edition is noticeably different than the Second Edition.  It is almost an hour longer and has 7 new lessons.  In addition, most of the lessons were filmed in a recording studio, so the video quality is better than ever.

Many of the lessons are labs and exercises that can be done at school or in your clinical facility (anywhere with live x-ray). Many of them pertain to dose and scatter radiation to the patient and the radiographer. In addition, there is one special lesson especially for students (Lesson 39 – How a student makes a personal technique/positioning book).

The other lessons are lecture style where I explain many of the misconceptions about digital radiography such as the proper way to critique a digital image compared to film, using the Exposure Index numbers on older and newer CR and DR systems and the new higher kV/lower mAs techniques.  All of the lectures are centered on the practical use of digital radiography, not the technical processes.  We want to show you how to work the equipment, not how the equipment works.

Also included is a CD with 41 charts, including all of our Universal CR and DR Techniques, many of which can be found in the 13thedition of Merrill’s Atlas of Radiographic Positioning and Procedures.

This course presents many ideas and information not found in any textbooks.  If you are an educator, we hope you will use these DVD’s in your classroom as a teaching tool.  Our goal is to help everyone minimize patient dose while maximizing image quality.