3 and 4 Hour Educational DVDs

  • Each DVD contains over 40 demonstrations and lectures.
  • These DVDs may be used with your facility’s intranet teaching system.
  • The Educational/Medical Organizations package includes a PowerPoint PDF with 580+ slides and text covering the entire course with each DVD.
  • No CEUs
  • The only Educational DVDs of this type on the market.

High Quality Online CEUs

"Empowering Healthcare Professionals through our unique learning experience."

Our videos are the result of 100s of research hours using over $30,000 of radiation monitoring equipment and phantoms. All demonstrations were performed in the OR and fluoroscopy rooms. Unline any other courses available.

Online Courses We Offer

FluoroRadPro’s New
“Image Gently / Image Wisely Fluoroscopic Radiation Protection”

Everything you need to comply with the new 2019 Joint Commission HR.01.05.03 requirements regarding fluoroscopy.

  • 20 live action demonstrations and lecture videos
  • 330+ slide PowerPoint PDF of all videos
  • 20 question post test
  • 2 hours

Only $899.00

How to Properly Move a C-Arm In and Out and End Up in the Same Place

How to Position the Perfect RAO Sternum

How Entrance Dose Changes with Increased SID

"Our continuing educational videos are like nothing ever created. We have been working within the field of radiography for a combined 80+ years. In that time we have made it our life's mission to teach others about radiation protection and digital imaging. These video courses are the result of 100s of hours and over $30,000 of high-tech radiation monitoring equipment and phantoms. Our motivation for creating this content was to educate those working in x-ray imaging and to provide something very entertaining. Sure, there are tons of other CEU providers out there, but we are 100% positive that no other provider can deliver the information in the unique way we have."

- Dennis Bowman & Leslie Stiff-Martin

Adaptive Radiography Textbook

Read about my first published textbook “Adaptive Radiography with Trauma, Image Critique and Critical Thinking” – co-authored with Quinn Carroll.