Endorsement from Stewart Carlyle Bushong, ScD, FAAPM, FACR

I have had the privilege and pleasure of reviewing “Fluoroscopic Radiation Protection”, Digital Radiography Radiation Protection”, and “Mastering the Art of Digital Radiography”. Knowing the skill and dedication to education of the authors I predict that these courses will develop into more such efforts regarding this rapidly expanding area of digital imaging.

I was particularly impressed by how unique and innovative the segments are that were filmed in the OR using a C-arm and done in the fluoroscopy rooms. Actual patient radiation dose values are demonstrated for collimation, positioning of the image intensifier in relation to the anatomic body part, where the radiographer should stand during cross table imaging, using magnification and pulse modes, as well as many other situations which occur in the OR and R&F rooms.

The lecture segments describing and explaining many of the video demonstrations are excellent. Among the three courses there are over one hundred lessons which are excellent and packed with creative and useful information.

The “Fluoroscopic Radiation Protection” course is also available for physicians and will be particularly helpful for non-radiologist physicians. It will be used as a tool to help everyone fully understand critical concepts and assist in decreasing radiation exposure to themselves as well as to patients and staff.

– Author of “Radiologic Science for Technologists: Physics, Biology and Protection

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"Our continuing educational videos are like nothing ever created. We have been working within the field of radiography for a combined 80+ years. In that time we have made it our life's mission to teach others about radiation protection and digital imaging. These video courses are the result of 100s of hours and over $30,000 of high-tech radiation monitoring equipment and phantoms. Our motivation for creating this content was to educate those working in x-ray imaging and to provide something very entertaining. Sure, there are tons of other CEU providers out there, but we are 100% positive that no other provider can deliver the information in the unique way we have."

- Dennis Bowman & Leslie Stiff-Martin

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How Entrance Dose Changes with Increased SID

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